Concrete actions towards deforestation and conversion free commitments for companies and financial institutions

There is NO NET TARGET without eliminating deforestation and conversion

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To reach target global emissions and avoid catastrophic consequences of climate change, total emissions from food commodities, such as beef and soy, must decrease dramatically. Hence, there is an urgent need to eliminate deforestation and conversion of natural ecosystems, especially in the Cerrado and the Amazon, from all supply chains and investment portfolios.

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The Deforestation and Conversion Free Implementation Toolkit: Tested and Endorsed by Global Companies and Financial Institutions

Guiding companies across the supply chain and financial institutions to achieve deforestation and conversion free (DCF) supply chains and portfolios in alignment with the Accountability Framework (AFi) and other global references.

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Used by more than 60 companies in different regions with various engagement levels and commodity focuses: soy, beef and leather.

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Applied by feed companies, food processors, manufacturers, global retailers, and international brands to mobilize suppliers.

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Used by Global Investors to structure portfolio engagement on deforestation.

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Provides Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for banks to use in sustainability-linked loans.

Why Companies and Financial Institutions are Using the DCF Toolkit

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Addresses deforestation related risks

Halting deforestation and conversion is critical to reduce biodiversity loss, limit our carbon footprint and prevent human rights violations and to better respond to international regulations.

Guides the development and improvement of implementation plans

Provides a template to support companies developing/improving their DCF implementation plans, addresses gaps, and allows financial institutions to accompany companies’ progress.

Comprehensive methodology

Aligned with the Accountability Framework Initiative, the DCF Toolkit assesses and recommends best practices on all aspects of supply chain management.

Evidence Based

Assessment questions and evidence analyzed by sector specialists. Provides accurate information to companies and financial institutions.

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